Safety Tips

Did you know that the most romantic day of the year can turn into a nightmare for pets? That's because they can get into some very common Valentine's Day gifts, like chocolate and flowers, and they can be deadly to your pets. Here's how to make sure the entire family has a happy and healthy Valentine's Day!

Step 1

Several Valentine's Day items can be toxic to pets, here's a list:
    Chocolate (the darker the chocolate, the more harmful)
       Xylitol, a sweetener used in gum and other candies     
Any type of lily flower or Roses (the thorns, especially)
    Liquor or wine
    Tape, bows, ribbon and other wrappings

Step 2

If you receive chocolate or other candy as a Valentine's gift, make sure you place it in a secure cupboard or closet when you're not enjoying your treat. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs and cats, and if you leave it out, they may decide to partake in the goodness. If they do, it can lead to a range of symptoms from vomiting and diarrhea, to seizures, hyperactivity, an elevated heart rate and possibly death. The more they eat, the worse the symptoms become.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many gums and candies, and it can lead to an alarming drop in blood pressure that can lead to depression, lack of coordination, seizures and possibly death.

Step 3

If you enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine on Valentine's Day, be careful not to spill any. Not only can it ruin your carpet, but it can ruin your pet's day, too! Even a small amount of alcohol lapped up by a pet can cause tremors, central nervous system issues, vomiting, loss of coordination, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, metabolic disturbances, coma and like the other harmful substances, even death. If they drink enough they could die from respiratory failure. So, keep your pets away from any alcohol spills or glasses, and keep sponges and paper towels handy to mop up any spills that might happen. (But, be sure those aren’t lying around either, as they can be fun toys.)

Step 4

Ask your florist not to include any type of lilies in your Valentine's Day arrangements. Lilies can be fatal to cats and dogs, and they should never be included in arrangements going to pet-lovers. Symptoms of ingesting lilies or other plants can include vomiting, stomach upset and diarrhea. Ask your florist to de-thorn roses, too, because pets can chew, or step, on the thorns with tragic results.

Step 5

When you open your Valentine's Day gifts, be sure to dispose of the wrappings right away. Bows, ribbons, tapes, string and other wrapping materials are irresistible to pets, but if they swallow them, they can lodge in their throat or digestive tract, leading to vomiting and choking.

A "Date" with your
Furry Sweetheart

No one wants to spend Valentine's Day alone, including your dog.  Valentine's Day is the perfect time to reflect on the importance of the relationship you share with your dog and the unconditional love he gives you.  Show your best friend that Cupid made a good match when he linked your hearts.  Below are ways to enjoy a special Valentine's Day with your furry sweetheart.

1. Snuggle on the couch.  There's nothing your dog loves more than spending quality time with his best friend.  Invite Patch on the couch to snuggle beside you and enjoy some cuddles and TLC.

2. Give your dog a massage. Dogs get sore, stiff, and tense too. Strengthen your human-animal bond and bring relaxation to both your dog and yourself.

3. Take a walk through the park. Just the two of you. Activity, nature, and you – three of your dog's favorite things. Put your schedule, your cell phone and your worries aside, and enjoy some quality time with your furry friend.

4. Bake some yummy, homemade treats for your dog. Healthy treats made with love make a great Valentine's gift for your dog. Choose a recipe, and surprise your dog by allowing him to snack on the ingredients while you cook, enjoy the aroma coming from the oven, and feast on the end result!

5. Turn off the TV. Tune into your dog rather than the latest reality show. Your dog knows when you are truly enjoying his companionship. Be goofy with him; play on the floor with him, let him lick your face, give him belly rubs.... Forget your inhibitions and have fun!

6. Take your dog to a pet supply store to pick out a new toy. It's a great way to spend quality time with your dog and for your dog to gain social skills. The best part, he can sniff out all the toys and pick out his favorite!

7. Book a weekend at a dog camp. Enjoy a mini-vacation that focuses on your dog. It's a dog's paradise!

Your dog gives you unending love. He comforts you when you're down and celebrates with you when you're happy. Your dog is always happy to see you. He wants nothing more than to be with you.... Your dog is the perfect Valentine. Show him how much he means to you.

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