Where's the squirrel?  Oh wait, there's a rabbit.  What do you mean get my nose off the ground?  How am I supposed to find those guys if I don't track them?  Does this sound like your dog?  Tracking may be for you and your furry companion. 

Tracking, trailing and other forms of scent work are activities that bring you to the very essence of what a dog is.  Scent work is a partnership in which you are asking the dog to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  Tracking is something that all dogs can do.  It is a natural instinct for a dog to use this sense.  

The sport of dog tracking is a "dog-friendly" one.  Dogs come to class knowing more about using their nose than we humans will ever understand.  Tracking thus provides us with a great opportunity to gain insight into how dogs work with scent (and it is an awesome thing indeed).  At the same time, it provides our four-legged friends with an opportunity to do something that actually makes sense to them.

Many of the classes will be held outside in fields where the dogs encounter natural obstacles and distractions.  While the ticks (sorry, but they’re there), weeds and bugs challenge the humans; the mice, deer, fox, turkeys – and who knows what all else – challenge the dogs.  Our tracking classes will help you understand how to keep your dog focused on the item he has been assigned to track while simultaneously teaching you to let him do just that!  Tracking is unlike many of the other performance events we do with our dogs because it puts the dog in charge – not the human (maybe this is why the dogs like it so much!).

Tracking includes:  

  Scent Discrimination

Mapping/Laying Tracks

Finding Objects/People

Course Length: 6 Weeks
   (Once a week, same day and time, for approximately an hour)
Prerequisite: Minimum of 2 training classes or approval of instructor
     and current vaccinations
 (See Vaccination Requirements)
$140.00 for entire 6 week course
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