Sport (or Not) Foundations

The Foundations class will prepare you and your furry team member for many doggy related events.  Whether you plan to compete in agility, Rally, Flyball, Dance or any other event, this course will improve your body language and your dog's ability to read it, while remaining focused on you.

However, competition is not the only reason to take a Foundations class.  If you just want your dog to pay attention to you in any situation, this class would be beneficial.  The conditioning portion of this class will also help with strength and coordination.

Foundations includes:

Impulse Control and Focus through games and
traditional cues, including crate games

Working as a team to read and understand body language

Learning to understand canine stress signals to ensure that your team has the best experience

Begin strengthening, stretching, balance control and other conditioning exercises to promote a HEALTHY pup

Course Length: 6 weeks
    (Once a week, same day and time, for approximately an hour)
Prerequisite: Completion of at least one traditional manners course or approval
    of instructor and current vaccinations  (See
Vaccination Requirements)
Tuition: $140.00 for entire 6 week course
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