1-Hour Workshops

So, you don't have time to commit to a six or eight week class, but you would still like to do something with your furkid - we have several answers.  Our 1-hour workshops will allow you to work on traditional manners, introduce yourself to agility and much, much more.

 Refresher Course

We also offer 1-hour Refresher courses. This workshop will reinforce those cues previously taught.  The cues will coordinate with the last manner's class completed and be as challenging as needed.

To Puzzlin' with Pups
Puzzlin' with Pups

Puzzlin' with Pups is an opportunity to introduce your furkid to the wonderful world of Brain Toys.  These toys allow your dog to do ALL the thinking, by themselves.  A GREAT way to try out toys to see what your pup enjoys.

To Games People Play
Games People Play (with their dogs)

Are you looking for a way to add MORE fun to your lesson plans?  Games People Play will reinforce traditional manner's cues with games.  Playing Musical Chairs, Costume Party Stay, Leap Frog and MANY, MANY more possibilities.  Let's make learning even MORE fun!!!

To Play Together
Play Together

Do you know HOW to play with your dog?  You might be surprised.  This workshop will show you how to make play - JUST play, with NO work.

So, check out which workshop fits your needs and let's get you enrolled.

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