Freestyle Dance

Does your Shih Tzu want to Salsa?  Chihuahua want to Cha-Cha? Or your Weimerainer want to Waltz?  Well, Doggy Dancing is where you need to go. 

Canine Freestyle is a combination of traditional training (heel, stay, etc.) along with tricks (bow, spins, etc.) choreographed to music.  It is an opportunity to show
off your doggy's feats while moving your feet.

Not only is this an opportunity to teach your dog something new, but it gets them, and you, up moving and having a good time.  Doggy Dancing emphasis the relationship between dog and handler, while having more fun than you thought was possible!!!!  Are you afraid that you have two left feet?  Well, your furry companion actually does, but they also have two right feet.  You do not need to be a dancer in order to enjoy this class.  It is ALL about the team having a good time!!!!!

Freestyle Dance includes:  

Introduction to Music Selection - We will help you select a piece of music that fits you and your dance partner.  Whether you have a lumbering Bernese Mountain Dog or a very athletic Border Collie, there is a song and routine for you.

Learning Skills for a POSSIBLE routine - We will begin by learning some very basic skills:  Heel, Sit, Stay, Spin, Bow, and many, many more.

Building a Routine - Once we have selected a song and worked on the basic skills, we begin to work on your routine.  We will spend time choreographing a routine that works for the team (but mostly the 4-legged member). 

Course Length: 6 Weeks
   (Once a week, same day and time, for approximately an hour)
Prerequisite: Completion of "Garten" course or approval of instructor
     and current vaccinations
 (See Vaccination Requirements)
$140.00 for entire 6 week course
(Complete Enrollment Form)

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