DIAPERS AND DOGS

Are you expecting a new addition to your household in the future? Have a dog who's never been around babies? This class is designed to walk you through techniques for preparing your dog for the new baby. A new family member can be very stressful for a dog, especially when they have been "the baby" for so long. Having an action plan to acclimate the dog to the changes to come is essential for ensuring that the transition is smooth. This class will provide tools, techniques and an action plan for you to implement at home both before and after baby arrives. This class is designed to have dogs participate, so please make sure vaccinations are up to date.


Course Length: 3 hours
Age: MINIMUM 9 weeks to ANY age
Prerequisite: See Vaccination Requirements
     2 of 4 sets of DHPP/DHPPC,
     Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - DONE within last 6 months
     and Fecal Exam (actual stool sample - NOT just a dewormer) - DONE within last 6 months
Tuition: $100.00 for entire 8 week course  (Complete Enrollment Form)

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