Training is an ongoing process.  The key to success is to start every new behavior looking for small success and gradually add distractions as your dog becomes more proficient.

In the Advanced class you will help your dog learn confidence and self-control.  We will focus on performance, despite distractions, and reliability when off-lead and at a distance from the handler. 

Advanced Learning includes:

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Brief review of prior exercises

Responding with and without reward

Learning despite LOTS of distractions

Common cues -
     Right/Left Turns, Walk Fast/Slow, Extended Stay and Wait

Working off lead and out in the "real world"

Course Length: 6 weeks
     (Once a week, same day and time, for approximately an hour)
Prerequisite: Completion of Basic Education course
     and current vaccinations  (See Vaccination Requirements)
Tuition: $140.00 for entire 6 week course
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